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Episode 1.


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Episode 1.

Post by FameJ on Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:24 am

My name is Diamond, I'm an alien with supernatural power. I
came from an unknown planet, landed on earth as diamond and I
guess that diamond was an egg meaning I came as an egg. I was
found my a couple who thought I was mere diamond from the
sky but later on I thatched and began a baby boy and I was taken
as a child by the couple. But things started changing when I
noticed I was possessing so powers and this is my story.
Driving home with an old van..
Jane: Honey, that place we went to I don't really like that place.
Mark: (Driving) Why?
Jane: I just don't really like. The people there are too proud of
themselves. Didn't you see the way they were looking at us?
Mark: Yeah but I'm not complaining on my present state that I'm
not that rich and also childless at the same.
Jane: I know God will answer our prayer.
Fire ball coming down from the sky..
Jane: (Pointing at it) Honey, what's that?
Mark: I don't know. Lets go find out.
Jane: I'm afraid, lets keep driving home.
Mark: Don't worry, I'm here to protect you.
The fire ball flew past them and landed on an open field which
created a serious explosion.
Jane: (Frighten) Honey, what's that sound?
Mark: I think it just landed then(pointing at the open field).
Jane: Honey, I'm scared.
Mark: (Holding her hand) Lets go check it out.
Moving into the field, then saw a great deep hold on the ground.
Jane: (More frighten) Honey, what's this?
Mark: (Angry) You ask lot of question. I'm tired of this your
"What's this, what's this, what's this". If you don't want to come
with me then go back to the van and wait for me there.
Jane: No, I'm coming with you.
Mark: Then don't make any stupid sound here.
Jane: Okay, lets go.
Mark: Okay then.
Moving down to where the fire ball landed, got there and was
surprised of what they saw.
Mark: (Surprised) Wow!
Jane: (Surprised) I can't believe my eyes. Is this diamond?
Mark: Yes, it is dear(Hitting the diamond with a stone).
Jane: Wow! Honey, we are rich!
Mark: Very rich(Looking at the big massed diamond).
Jane: So, how are we going to take this to the van?
Mark: I don't know(Thinking).
Jane: We need a long to tie it so that it can be easy to be draw out
from this hole and also we need a spade to remove some soil
holding the diamond to the ground.
Mark: (Happy) Yes..! and guess what?
Jane: What?
Mark: They are in the van(Both of them jumping in happiness). So,
who is going to bring them here?
Jane: I will, honey. Just make sure the diamond is safe guarded.
Mark: I will, my love and please be fast before someone reaches
Jane went up to where the van was parked and Mark was busily
sitting looking front, back, left and right to check if someone was
coming. After some minutes, Jane came back with the equipment.
Jane: (Smiling) You can have them.
Mark: (Smiling) Wonderful, thank God I have them in the van.
Now, let me start removing this barrier of this diamond.
Removing the soil with the spade and later everything concerning
the removal of the soil was done and clear. Mark brought out the
rope and started tieing the diamond with it. Jane helped out and
they done tieing the diamond.
Mark: Now, lets drag this diamond up to the van.
Dragging the diamond up to the van. It was a very difficult task
for both Mark and Jane as Mark were dragging the rope which
was tied to his body while Jane was pushing the diamond from
the back. After some great minutes of time, they succeeded in
dragging the diamond to the van and the next problem was lifting
the diamond up into the van. It took them, great time and lost of
energy to lift the diamond up but there was a smile on both faces
as they lifted the diamond to the van and covered it with a blanket.
They entered the van and Mark started the engine and they drove
Mark: (Sighed of relief) You see, if I had followed what you said,
we wouldn't have been this lucky.
Jane: (Happy) And I thank God you didn't follow it.
They drove off and they arrived home safely.
Mark: At last we are home.
Jane: So honey, how are we going to sell this diamond.
Mark: I don't know for now. Lets wait for some days till I get an
agent that we can sell it to.
Mark parked the van in his garage and they both went inside to
12 days later, they heard a sound of a baby crying in the garage.
Mark: Is that not the sound of a baby crying?
To Be Continue

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Re: Episode 1.

Post by FameJ on Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:31 pm

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