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Episode 2.


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Episode 2.

Post by FameJ on Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:30 am

Jane: Yes, it is.
Mark: And the sound is coming from the garage.
Jane: Yes..
Mark: Wait a minute.
Jane & Mark: The diamond.
Mark: Go and get me my gun.
Jane: (Went inside) Here is it(Handling the gun to Mark).
Mark: (Taking the gun from her) Lets go. You stay at my back.
Both husband and wife went to the garage. The garage was a bit
dark due to the covered windows but luckily, Jane came with a
Mark: (Whispering) This place is a bit dark. I can't see a thing due
to this covered windows.
Jane: (With a frighten voice) I think I brought a torch with me
(Looking at her hand)
Mark: (Happy) Thank God, let me have it(Taking the torch).
Mark on the torch and both of them started searching the garage.
They found no one in the garage and they were a bit bother about
that, so they decided to check the van. To their greatest surprise,
they saw what was beyond imagination and there was a baby in
form of a diamond seated on a molten diamond. Mark pointed the
torch to mysterious baby's face and when the torch light meet
with the eyes of the baby, he gave out a loud cry which may the
windows open, making the garage bright but it wasn't a direct
sunlight as the clouds was obstructing the rays from the sun.
Jane: (Frighten) What's this?
Mark: (Surprised) I think that diamond is an egg.
Jane: What are we going to do now?
Mark: I don't for now, lets watch and see what is going to happen.
Jane: Watch and see???(Eyes wide open). As you see so, I'm out of
here(About moving out)
Suddenly, the cloud went off the sun, letting the rays of sun into
the garage. Within a wrinkle of the eye, a form of bright light
came down from the sun onto the baby giving out a very bright
light which filled the entire garage. Mark and Jane both covered
their eyes not to get blind by the light. After some minutes of
time, the light came down and Mark felt someone dragging his
trouser and he looked down to see what was that. Behold, it was
a baby in a human form this time, smiling and tearing Mark's
trouser with his little hand.
Mark: Ooh! What a lovely baby?(Trying to carry the baby). Gosh! I
can't carry him, he got weight.
Jane: (Sad) Come on leave there joor. Just say you are afraid to
carry him(Carrying the baby with easy)
Mark: (Surprised) What! He was....(cut short).
Jane: Forget it(playing with the baby). Honey, look at his eyes
Mark: (Looking at his eyes) The pigment of his eye lens is in a
diamond format.
Jane: Honey, this child is not an original baby and I'm sure he
came from that diamond we sat and brought here.
Mark: Are we going to keep him(Looking at Jane's eyes)
Jane: Why not! God have answer our prayers(still carrying the
Mark: How?
Jane: You know that we both needed money?
Mark: Yes!
Jane: We got that diamond.
Mark: Yes!
Jane: But we needed a child so badly.
Mark: Yes, you are correct.
Jane: Now, that diamond we got turns into a baby we needed.
Honey, its a miracle.!
Mark: Okay. What are we going to name the baby then?
Jane: (Looking into the baby's eyes) Lets call him, #Diamond.
Mark: Diamond!? That's a nice name, Jane.
Jane: Yes! He came from a diamond, got a diamond eyes
and....what??(feeling the baby's body)
Mark: What's that?
Jane: Feel his skin.
Mark: (Feeling his skin) What that??? His body is so hard.
Jane: Yes.
Mark: Honey can I have the baby first.
Jane: (Handing the baby to him) Here you go.
Mark: (Throw the baby to van)
Jane & Mark: What!!!???
There was the baby, penetrated inside the van's engine, laughing
and playing with materials on the engine. Suddenly, he vomited a
very small device. And a bright light came out reflecting out a
huge gigantic alien.
Alien: I know you will surprised of what you are seeing and also
Mark & Jane: Yes!?
Alien: Me speaking English was all because of your wife.
Jane: Me??
Alien: Yeah!
Jane: How?
Alien: Right there in my planet, I always heard you praying to the
creator. So, I learnt English during that processing. And also, I'm
the mother of that child.
Mark & Jane: Child!
Mark: How?
Alien: Right there in my planet, we had a great war with another
alien which led to the destruction of both lives and poverty. The
other alien were advanced with their technology, so it was easy
for they to defeat us during the war. I was pregnant and was
about to give birth, successfully I lay an egg. I love my egg,
knowing that as an egg, he is able to get the reflection of anything
thing he come across during his regeneration because he is in a
new planet. Luckily for me, I've already invented this interacting
device which just needed a memory for it to be fully completed
and I gave out my memory to the device, launch the egg on a
machine that brought it here on

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