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Episode 3.


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Episode 3.

Post by FameJ on Tue Aug 15, 2017 4:18 pm

Alien: Then I went to an information centre to seek information
about earth, then I came across the word "solar system". I found
out the earth was powered by a single star(sun), a source of both
heat and energy. I was afraid cause the heat of the sun was so
high and we Diatryos aren't good with heat because our body has
the ability of absorbing heat and once the heat in our body gets to
a high degree, we have no option than to explode. There was no
way in reversing the egg back, so I did another research about
human beings and I found out that you earth alien have the ability
to breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide which
oxygen were our main source of food and carbon dioxide, our
waste product. Oxygen here are gaseous but in my planet, they
are solid and they help sustain us. That is, without oxygen we
become weak and we die temporary. We only resurrect when
oxygen is been injected to jue(blood).
Mark: (Feeling tired) So, what are you trying to tell us now?
Alien: (Looking serious) He has powers.
Mark & Jane: What???
Mark: What do you mean by he has powers.?
Alien: I took my time to explain things to you. You should have
know all this while.
Jane: Like what powers do he possessed?
Alien: I don't know.
Mark & Jane: You don't know?
Alien: Yeah! (Looking at Diamond) But main looking at he now, I
think he got strong bones and his flesh(muscles, skin and so on)
can't be penetrated.
Mark & Jane: (Looking at Diamond with full seriousness)
Alien: Let me make it easy for you to understand his powers.
Mark: Heh! Now you are talking.
Alien: Everything a man can do or cannot do, he do them a trillion
times better.
Mark: Hmmm!
Alien: Meaning his powers are unlimited. Also, he has the power
of saving this earth entirely.
Mark: That's good. I'm starting to like him. Being the father of the
most powerful being on earth, that sounds nice(Touching the
baby's head).
Alien: (Shaking her head) And...
Jane: And what?
Alien: Just has he have the power to save earth, he also have the
power to destroy earth as a whole, just as he destroy your van
(Van completely destroyed), power to absorb the entire heat
energy from the sun making your world go blank. He is also
dangerous, if he becomes negative.
Mark: What tha...(Removing his hand from Diamond's head with
great speed).
Jane: No, we can't keep him.
Alien: Please, keep him. He is the future of my planet. If he goes to
the wrong hand, your life you are trying to safe, he can take it
within a wrinkle of the eye.
Mark: (Holding his chest)
Jane: (Crying) Honey, what have we gotten ourselves into?
Alien: Please don't be afraid. He is still a baby but be warned, never
you let he know his powers or use it, always make sure he
remains positive and please do keep this device for him. Give it to
him when he is ready.
Mark & Jane: Ready???
Mark: What do you mean by the word "Ready"?
The device went off.
Jane: Honey, she is gone.
Mark: Yes, she is.
Jane: I'm scared.
Mark: What I don't really understand is that word "Ready".
Jane: What shall we now do.
Mark: We have to do as she said.
Bring the child lets go inside.
Jane: Me???
Mark: Where you not the one carrying the child before.
Jane: Yes, you are correct, not until when you threw the child
from my hand.
Mark: Women!
Jane: Yes... Go and bring our son joor.
Mark: You are calling him your son and you are afraid to carry
him(Carrying the baby).
Jane: And so.
Mark: Come on, lets go inside.
Both went inside and that was how I came into the family.
3 years later, I was admitted to a public school, not just a public
school, a school where both the rich and poor come to learn
cause their way of teaching were the best but I was different, I got
an awkward character and stupid eyes. That's what my classmate
usually say except one girl. Eventhough I was still small at that
time, I was able to figure out that she was special. She was a little
awkward but she was more courageous than me. She became
my best friend and we were just couple, awkward couple for that.
But what made me thinking was that she always knew what was
going to happen in the future. She often tells me what was going
to happen to me and also giving me guidelines on staying out of
trouble. She was like a guidance angel and I always ask myself
this question "Is she a supernatural being?"
To Be Continue

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